Promise Poems

The Drive Back To Florida

Black Poem | Promise Poem : The Drive Back To Florida The anticipation I have to hear your voice is restless. Im not alone IN  the car but, alone with MY thoughts. Everytime the song goes off and there are a few seconds of sile

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Black Poem | Promise Poem : Promise to treat you like a Queento keep you smiling never have a face thats meanpromise to be the main subject in your dreamsto make you get rid of everyone on your team promise to always be honest and say what i feelto hide nothing from you and to always keep it realpromise to die tryna hold you d

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in love with a stranger

Black Poem | Promise Poem : i see you walk past every day wondering what's on your mind show my interest in every way praying you're the one to spend my lifetime my heart starts pounding when you're near whispering sweet nothings that one day you'll hear promising all my love and more give me the key to your heart what im sayi

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