Zaafir25's Black Poems

My Baby

Black Poem | Romance Poem :                                                   

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Going Crazy

Black Poem | Break Up Poem :          Iam going crazy cause i dont have  your lips to kiss                    going crazy cause you not here ,going crazy cause i cant argue with you , going

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Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem :                                 There comes a time in life              &nb

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Black Poem | Life Poem : Life is about trusting our                                             &nbs

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A Wet Dream

Black Poem | Sensual Poem : I fall asleep thinking of u and the freaky thinking we do i lick your body up and down while i move my tounge round and round i beat that pussy up for hours next thing u know we in the shower u warm and wet i feel high as a jet i stroke u crazy u scream harder baby  i say damn baby it felt so r

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