Yungpoet's Black Poems

I Dont Care

General Poem | Black Poem : Trully I don’t care Talking as your the best, thinking your boyfriend is not like the restBut guess something for an old friend is .........Saying I’m scandlous, but I’m being nice giving you hugs Knowing that I wanna be enemies and go to warFight until theres nothing around us, destroying everyone

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Dont Say Nothin

General Poem | Black Poem : Please don’t say a word Yelling and Screaming Yet your getting no whereTrying to make a point no one listensBecause talking is unexceptableYet they might know it was your mouth that started this dramaDon’t cry to get attention no one caresYou bad when you talk, soft when you crySoft feelings, but bi

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Chasing Love

Ghetto Poem | Black Poem : Love is a lieAt least in my eyes Through trials and tribulations of my love being wastedOn unfamiliar people with unfamiliar facesGave my all and what was given to me ’Lies and deciet’And the thought of what could of been or what should of been But see I know better NOW the what I knew back THENThat

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