Youngneeya's Poems

Why I Love You

Black Poem | Love Poem : I've never seen youOr touched your skinI've never felt your lipsOr held you tightBut I know I love youNot because of the way you lookOr because of that sexy voiceNot because of the things you sayBut because of whom you areWhen we meet I wanted to kiss youAnd hold you all nightI love everything about

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Black Poem | Black Poem :   Who could love a GIRL like me?True love is how it should be.Best friends always, never to part.Intimate desires, straight from the heart.Walking side by side, hand in hand,Two pair of footprints in the sand.Restless nights when you?re not there,A day without you just isn?t fair.Eyes that weep,

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how do i say goodbye?

Black Poem | Goodbye Poem : How do I find the words to say goodbyeWhen all I really want is one more tryHow do I turn and walk awayWhen I know I only want to stayWhere do I find the strength to carry onWhen with you is the only place I feel I belongHow do I know this choice I made is right? Should I have stayed? Put up more of

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