Xiomarat's Black Poems

Paint Me a Smile

Black Poem | Sad Poem : Paint a perfect smileStraight onto my faceWash it off goodDon’t leave any traceOf our happy timesThe days that we sharedHours of togethernessBack when we caredBut we lost touchMy hand slipped from yoursWe went our waysAnd closed open doorsThen times got toughThat’s when I needed youMy heart was empt

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Just Listen

Black Poem | Sad Poem : Will you just listen, please don’t say a word, just yet,Just think back to the very first time we met,How you felt around me? The memories that we shared,And just remember that once, you really cared.Now think about how we parted, and how much I cried,Please don’t speak, and remember that I never ev

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From Your Touch

Black Poem | Sensual Poem : When I closed my eyes, I felt your glare When I closed my eyes, I felt your stare When you touched me for the first time your arms around my waist. I could feel my nerves clinch. My heart skipping a beat, aching with excitement, From your touch I had anticipated what that would feel like, in a more

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For the Taking

Black Poem | Love Poem : You were kind in just the right measure, Words that only brought thoughts of pleasure. I’m not quick to fall in and out of love, But with you I gave my heart,right from the start. You were open and honest and yet modest. You weren’t afraid to express your feelings And that quality will surely bring

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A Love Deferred

Black Poem | Love Poem : Everyone knows what happens to a dream deferredIt tries to fly and form something like a baby birdBut what about a love deferred?Does it shrivel up like a raisin? Was it something that you were really craving? Did it die out like a dream?In the end, did it come as it seem?Or maybe it festered like a

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