Xanthea's Poems

I miss You

Black Poem | Inspirational Poem : I mIss yOu i cant express enough how much and why when u kicked me to the side u wasnt ready for no kids I can tell now So i no longer ask why u walked out my [email protected] the age of 8 i was feeled wit so much HATE I had to grow up at a young age so i smile when people say u are sssoooo mature for your a

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Black Poem | Inspirational Poem : If i have kissed you once, ive kissed you a google of times And each time is special just as our first time Your lips sends an burning sensation throughout my body to the inside of my thighs As if im in heaven I hear bells ring and feel butterflies Your lips skin is so soft I wonder wat esle ill try

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Black Poem | Sex Poem : my dad dont get off till four find ur way over so we can begin to explore we start kissin and im so into dat im groanin and moanin and my ??? is swoll phat im grabbin 4 ur dick gone and give it to me u lead me to my bedroom very gently u lie me down and take my clothes off with no hands im prayin to

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I am

Black Poem | Love Poem : I am lenient to hold I am pleasent to kiss I am known to be bold I am to nice to be dissed I am just to much as my exes would say who have walked over my heart any kinda way and all i hear is im sorry shy I am to quick to forgive and to ladylike to lie im to quick to love... but at least mines be re

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)([email protected]_Br0K!N!!!

Black Poem | Love Poem : Sadness expressed in black and blue Darkness that covers you Your in a well but can't escape trying to grasp that little faith Your not blind but yet you see your drowning in self misery Your runnin and cant find the door and u dont want to live anymore All because of 3 little wordz that meant so mu

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