Willnotstop's Poems

Sendin Messages

Ghetto Poem | Spoken Word Poem : Sittin’ here lickin’ my lips takin’ in every inch every curve wantin’ yo body to calm my nerve/ But havin’ the nerve to think of touchin’ you there, soft skin sendin’ messages straight to......you-know-where/ Fingers slidin so sexual, ridin’ ya slopes of ecstacy gettin’ you wetta with you standin’ r

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Perfect Fit

Ghetto Poem | Spoken Word Poem : Girl of my dreams...dream...I’m not dreamin’ as I watch the lady in my life smile, laugh, roll her eyes cause she’s mad, knowin’ that if our wheels fall off we still gon’ ride/ girl of my dreams...wakes me up with the thought of a kiss, lips meetin’ like a perfect fit draggin’ me through this pit ca

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