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time 2 get off our high horse

Black Poem | Inspirational Poem :   iz life a x or a y when u come 2 dat point dat like iz a batch n u can't find peace n joy iz remissed u can use mistakes 2 find da truth but da factofdamatteriz wat else can we do we fightn 2 live but racing 2 die live a life 2 proud 2 cry with confident we march 2 da beat of our on

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box let me out u no ur a circle?

Black Poem | Broken Heart Poem : iz it da agany of defeat or d happyness of da windat got me focusn on da way dat u defeatu da prize n da boxda anwser 2 da questiondat got me alwayz guess when will i learn dis lessonbut yet i'm study guess and ur laughn cuz i'm far offi must b a clown cuz i never been diz shore of u n my mind and i

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after night we have 2 make a change come mornin

Black Poem | Soul Poem : it like da star n da moon n da sky keep smiln at uu a rain drop dat never seems 2 dry upeven though da sun keep shine on u it never seems2 hit u n dat right spot2 make ur inter u disappearbut u r a special wish a special treat dat missn peace dat never changesdat picture of u dat never change even a

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Black Poem | Inspirational Poem : it startz az a though n a dream dat u think of n ur sleep dat have u wonder now how can u reach ur potential peak but u was born a royal queen and u control ur own destiny n a race u have no equal u driven like a bently not 2 forget without u da world woundn't have a receipt success is a part of u i

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