Venetra23's Black Poems

HUSBAND-What it means to me

Black Poem | Family Poem : Home BreakerUnfaithful userSelfish HaterBroad ChaserAgonizing choserNaging accuserDominating loser

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Making love with U

Black Poem | Making Love Poem : making love with u is like a dream come true bodies still wet from us showering booo a kiss on my lips lets me know its on switch off the lights and put the music on laying it down and spread the whip cream licking it off till the other one screams licking me till u hit the spot gett up to get on to

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Mind touch

Black Poem | Love Poem : Loving u so much without even being with me Just the sound of your voice accenutates total extacsy feeling your presence without even touch and the heat of yor passionate luxurious touch no pausing just every touch causing a a feeling i love so much 

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Big Girls Need Love Too

Black Poem | Love Poem : They say big girls need love tooOh believe me that’s trueI’d rather be lonely then to be loved by youOh I hear them say she’s to big for youshy she’s not your type what the hell give them the right to tell u who u can likeI cry because I’m sad but to tell youthe truth my feelings are compounded to a

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