Unsure_16's Poems


Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : Sometimes I wonder Sometimes I dream Sometimes I'm gelious Sometimes I want to scream I love it when your near me When your by my side I hate when your away You take my brighter day You turn it around And make it to a ordinary day When you smile You make my world better When you frown I feel sad and

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Black Poem | Love Poem : As much as my heart bleeds for you,as much as my heart want you here. I wish it could be you and me, but really what isn't ment to be, a furure of you and me.I wish I could be in your life everyday, I want to so bad I miss you when your away.Wishing that you could be in my arms,for ever you would be

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Everything Gone

Black Poem | Dramatic Poem : Something I can't control myself as one whole I still try not to be myself and just act like someone else but I can't all I could ever be is me I messed up I messed up bad I wish I could turn back the hands of time but its ever too late to wish now everything has passed all I got left that last is t

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Searching For

Black Poem | Dramatic Poem : Searching for everything I can't keep, someone in my life here and there when there here the next there gone. I wonder will I ever find the right one for me but I search on,wondering will my heart ack stop but it doesn't, it keep drilling through my body inn and out I go,thinking of what I wan't to

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