Unspoken_Words's Black Poems

And I Wonder.....

Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : As I lay across this lonely bed with my phone in my left hand,  my... eyes become distracted by the beauty of the night and, I start to stretch my hands towards the moon like blades of tall grass,  just... wondering if YOU are looking at the same moon that I see. Then..

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Juss a lil something

Black Poem | Black Poem : The sun beats down on her face like a tenor drum, I imagend me on top of her, kissing every part of her perfect body, from her freshly permed hair, down to her pedicured toes, I stare at her, thinking that I was ready, but our age sets me off course, and wit my mind saying no and my body saying yes,

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4th Period Class

Black Poem | Black Poem : As the final bell rings, Ding..... I hurry to the seat next to you and see what your lovely voice brings. I wait for you to say "Hi", as I look up only to stare into your eyes, then I finally replay, "Wuz up?" But............... If Only my mouth could open up, and tell you more than just "wuts up"

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It's Over

Black Poem | Bitch Poem : Finally, I come home from work, to reveal you in some other man's arms.  U told me, almost everyday that you were sick and "Couldn't roll wit me".  Or that you were "Kickin' it with your friends."  Something so obvious to suspicion.   You stupid bitch, every other day you would say that I am the onl

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Are You Listening?

Black Poem | Religious Poem : I've been on both of my knee's and praying to you every day and night.  Knowing no where else to turn but you to win this fight.  I've cried and moaned all day long just to get over the pain.  Later to realize that crying and moaning won't help me get through this hell........ I'm Strained.  I go to

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_~!That Feeling!~_

Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : When we first spoke to each other, I was surprised  to get.....  That feeling.  That erg that keeps all things in motion.  That feeling.  The type that don't just wipe away with soap.  That feeling.  The thrust, the boom and the release of sperm into a new world.  That feeling...........  The feelin

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