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stealing society

Black Poem | Death Poem : Yeah, oh rightYeah, oh rightTwo skies watching it all fadingTwo skies living it all fadingTwo skies watching it all fadingTwo skies fading ones abatingTwo suns living it all dyingTwo suns fighting ones abidingTwo suns watching them both fightingTwo suns seeing them both dyingTwo suns sons watching t

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theres a light that never gpes out

Black Poem | Love Poem : Take me out tonightWhere there's music and there's peopleWho are young and aliveDriving in your carI never, never want to go homeBecause I haven't got oneAnymoreTake me out tonightBecause I want to see peopleAnd I want to see lightsDriving in your carOh please, don't drop me homeBecause it's not my

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shes like herion

Black Poem | Black Poem : She's like heroinSipping through a little glassI'm looking for some helpI need someone to save her assChinese tricks in roomsWith ghosts of hooker girlie dudesMe and heroin, maybe we can make some cash sellingASSSelling ass for heroinASSSelling ass for heroinASSSelling ass for heroinASSSelling ass f

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Black Poem | Life Poem : Conversion, software version 7.0Looking at life through the eyes of a tire hubEating seeds is a pastime activityThe toxicity of our city, of our cityNow, what, do you own the world?!How do you own disorder, disorder?!Now, somewhere between the sacred silenceSacred silence and sleep.Somewhere between

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empty walls

Black Poem | Patriotism Poem : Empty walls, empty wallsPretentious attentionDismissive apprehensionDon't waste your time on coffins todayWhen we decline from the confines of our mindDon't waste your time on coffins todayDon't you see their bodies burningDesolate and full of yearningDying of anticipationChoking from intoxicationDo

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