Ugotpaper's Poems

She asked ME why?

Black Poem | Family Poem : She asked ME why ?Why does he hurt me, why does he do it C.C?Why does he disrespect me and I still love him?Why did I allow him to get me pregnant, when he abused me?Why C.C Why!?!? I asked her.... Why Shay why did you go back every time?Why did you allow that man to feel he had so much power?Why di

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Dame I was so surprised..

Black Poem | Sensual Poem : Dame I was so surprised...The day I first went to your house dame I was so surprised, You had red silk sheets and candles burning of desire, wow what a surpise, You made me chicken and rice, told me you made it before I came, what a surprise, You had my favorite Victoria’s secret body cream and dame

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Black Love

Black Poem | Urban Poem : This Black love makes me feel like I should never leave.This black love makes me want to call every half an hour,This black love makes me want to stay home from work,This black love can make me feel in any way,make me say anything,This black love can have the food out my mouth if he’s hungry,This bl

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never go away

Black Poem | Love Poem : WHY? is the question I ask myself every day, why will this feeling never go away.  The feeling of being lost with in myself lost of true love, lost ever since i’ve lost you and i cry and cry because the feeling never goes away. I cry because i’m in love now but it just doesnt feel the same but I kno

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