Trinity's Poems

Do I need a Man?

Freaky Poem | Life Poem : Do I need a man??Hell to the naw I don’t need a manI got a jobMake my own moneyGot my own housePay my own bills and can SatisfyMyEvery need, SOYou, telling meThat I need youA ManIn my life?? Is preposte-rous!!Or more like ludic-rous!!And diffinitly humou-rous!! LMFAOHow dare you approach me with tha

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A Friend

Freaky Poem | Friendship Poem : Frustration.......Irritation.......Barely making it........Hesitation........So confused, their amusedat the clues, i’m sending through my bluesMad at this girl, Yet mad at the worldTry to let it go, but what she keeps doing is lowI luv her and I hate her; But come to think? I didn’t create her!Mixe

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General Poem | Spoken Word Poem : I wanted to spit out some Extraordinary SHITSome Xtra-Ordinary SHITSome unbelievable SHITYet some real SHITBut all I could come up with is this....Living in a world thats ready to dieEveryone’s singing the shoulda’s, coulda’s and woulda’sBut didn’t get off their ass to even tryWere in a world where

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