Tinkerhell101's Poems

Guys Listen

Neoblack Poem | Baby Poem : I shave my legs I sit down to pee I can justify any shopping spreeDon’t go to barbers, But a beauty salonI can get a massage Without a hard-onI can balance the checkbook I can pump my own gas Can talk to my friends,About the size of my assMy beauty’s a master peace, And yes it takes longAt least I c

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Neoblack Poem | Teen Poem : You get mad when you don’t get your wayYou cry when you don’t get laidAll you do is eat and sleepAnd don’t want us to make a peepYou have to be told all things twiceAnd you are never niceYou forget everything and expect us to forgiveI don’t even know where to beginYou moan and groan like a lazy bone

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Neoblack Poem | Teen Poem : I know you think you broke my heart, but I knew your game right form the start saw your game and played it too so laugh it all up playa the joke was on you!

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Forbidden Love

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : With unspoken feelings,And love just a dream.In this story of mine,Forbidden love is the theme.With a love unwanted,And only aloud just a glance.To be able to go public,They’ll never get the chance.With silent screams,And unseen tears.When will they be able to say,’I love you, dear?’With everyone ag

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All The Pain

Neoblack Poem | Teen Poem : I tried so hard to be freebut I knew it wasn’t to be,So I hid it in my mindall the pain, all the bind,It was better, it was rightto be quiet, to be bright,We the one’s who live in hellare never allowed to be well,We’re not fit to wipe the feetof decent people on the street.Live in a world of dark an

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