Thickessence's Poems

Let Me Be

General Poem | Inspirational Poem : When you need a shoulder to cry on Let me be that shoulderWhen you need someone to talk toLet me be that someoneWhen you feel you have nothing else to live forLet me be the one that you live forWhen you feel you world is crashing downI

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Why we gotta hide?

Black Poem | Love Poem : Why you hiding meAre you ashamed?You say naw babygirl, You nothing to be ashamed ofSo why we gotta duck and dodgeAnd avoid yo peopleIs it cuz im not a size 2 but a size 12 dats got you actin funnyBut just lastnight I had dat thang on hardBut babyboy dats besides the pointJust be real with me and tel

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Lifes Phone Plan

Black Poem | Funny Poem : These dudes out here got one thing on their mind, tryna get IN like VerizonBut don’t wanna sign a contract.Now they mad cuz females raisin the bar like Cingular And not givin a CHIRP CHIRP bout these lame ass excuses. Please don’t be alarmed when they don’t give you anytime like TMobile, busy signal

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Is it Love or Lust

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : Is it love or lust when I want you so bad.Is it love or lust when I think about you and wonder if your with someone else.I think its lust but I hope its love when I want you deep inside my wet womanhood.Sliding in and out deeper and deeperBut just awhile before that I was catering to your every need

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