Thickessence's Black Poems

Why we gotta hide?

Black Poem | Love Poem : Why you hiding meAre you ashamed?You say naw babygirl, You nothing to be ashamed ofSo why we gotta duck and dodgeAnd avoid yo peopleIs it cuz im not a size 2 but a size 12 dats got you actin funnyBut just lastnight I had dat thang on hardBut babyboy dats besides the pointJust be real with me and tel

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Lifes Phone Plan

Black Poem | Funny Poem : These dudes out here got one thing on their mind, tryna get IN like VerizonBut don’t wanna sign a contract.Now they mad cuz females raisin the bar like Cingular And not givin a CHIRP CHIRP bout these lame ass excuses. Please don’t be alarmed when they don’t give you anytime like TMobile, busy signal

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