Thick0991's Black Poems

Love Is Expressed In Many Ways When It Comes to The Heart

Black Poem | Love Poem : If i'm hurting Are you hurting with me? If i'm broken and torn into pieces Are you broken and torn into pieces with me? I Am So Much in love with you I don't want nothing or no one to interfere. If you felt what i am feeling ,you'd see that my love for you is real.

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How Much I Love You

Black Poem | Love Poem : My love for you is deeper than the ocean When i'm not around you the deeper my emotion You make me happy in so many ways It's like you're my favorite piece of candy and it's you that i crave I can't see myself without you Because you're the key to my heart And being Isolated has shown me that

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Expression Of Feelings And More

Black Poem | Black Poem : So much built inside I find myself bursting outside I feel there's no need to hide Because the way i feel it will eventually be certified These Emotions that i get Not only defines me But the past events that has pacified me into the categories that i may have thought verified me This was suppo

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