Thesolodoloist's Black Poems

Damaged goods department

Black Poem | Break Up Poem : I dont want to say that its over but this must end tonight I dont want to cuss and argue but you keep pushing my buttons practically begging for a fight I dont want to slam the door and throw out your things but i keep feeling pain everytime i look at this ring I know im suppose to be the mature one

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I want you

Black Poem | Romance Poem : I wanna fall & i want it to last. I want someone who will make me forget about men in the past. I want to love. I wanna know what it is. I want to dream of a big oak tree and a white pickett fence. I want to be held. I want to be carressed. I want some one to lick they lips as they watch me undr

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Mr. Around the way

Black Poem | Black Poem : Hello Mr. around the way, no you can not say, or ask for my digits, your game? I'm not with it. Your rep preceds you well, tall, dark and fine as hell -but im going to have to decline See i know you be on the grind looking for the next tight behind that you can get inside. Momma aint raise no fool,

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