Theo_Monique32's Poems


Neoblack Poem | Life Poem : I wasted all my tears and all these years,To find out that the dream you once told me I would have didnt come true.You said lies after lies to try and protect me but it just hurt our life and the friendship that we grew.I seen the life that I had and now I thank god that I’ve made it threw all that.

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Neoblack Poem | Life Poem : Hit me once and a tear will fall,Hit me twice and ill be scared to speak,Hit me three times and ill hit you back.I let you get away with it twice but never again.You told me that women aint shit when really deep down thatshow you feel. You had me think I was living in a fairytale and that it couldnt

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Your In My Life...{For Armand & Deandre RIP}

Neoblack Poem | Sad Poem : You can feel me, but i cant feel youI cant see you anymore, but you always come and visit me.When I lay down at night and start to cry, you always come and let me know everything is going to be alright.You lived the life you lead making us always laugh, just by what you say and did.You once said I c

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For My Boo

Neoblack Poem | Making Love Poem : You allow me to smile, like no one else ever did.You took me as who i am inside and out.I showed you a world of love and passion, and you showed me a world of laughter with no tears attached.You’ve been nothing but good to me what more can i ask for now.We’ve cherised each moment that we have togeth

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