Thaonlyjah's Poems


Freaky Poem | Urban Poem : You were fake from tha start, you lied intentionallyto take over my heartLike a fool, I wanted to trust you, when I knew I shouldn’topen up so easily to a perfect stranger, but i was toblind to see the dangerAll the warnings were there for me to see, you looked intomy eyes and said you’d never find

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When Im Gone

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : When Im gone, you’ll realize my true worth 2 youThen like crazy you’ll start callin out tha blueWhen Im gone, you’ll wonder why she don’t ride, butthen you’ll see that you’re dealin wit a new stride!When Im gone, you’ll miss me everydayYou’ll see that your broken heart is tha price you have to payWh

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