Thagov3rnor17's Courage Poems

I did the damn thing

Black Poem | Courage Poem : In 2001 I left TCCHs wit nothing on my brain but love and money Jah already had a plan for me; my pops & me had some lil' issue (to many grown men can't live under one roof) he asked me one day; what are u gonna do/chop up deuces to San Antonio/or stay in down South GA. I give much props to my broth

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I Feel Good

Black Poem | Courage Poem : You can talk; I can talk/be a big dawg/ beef is for punks/ problems for misses/ I stand for a turth/ intimidation only from God/ man resent my strength/ I love my God/ my family/ my life/ I'm the best thing since black Airforce ones/ look in my eyes/ if you see anger your scared/ if you see humor yo

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