Tha1uluv2envy24's Poems


Ghetto Poem | Love Poem : I will never be stupid enoughTo fall in love with you againNot in this lifetimeNor next lifetime my friendMight have been a bit naiveBut now I have a stronger frame of mindMight have accepted the bs back in the dayBut I can’t do it this timeI will never be silly enoughTo let you back in my worldYou

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Too Late

Ghetto Poem | Love Poem : Too late for the ’I’m sorries’Too late for ’I know I was wrong’Too late to try to fix things’I’m sorry’, you waited too damn longHow can you apologize with sincerityHow can you keep a straight faceI don’t think you know who you’re dealing withI’ll be the chick to put you in your placeYeah I let some

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Thick Girl

Ghetto Poem | Black Poem : Hips a lil’ wideThighs a lil’ thickYeah I know I’m not a ’model-type chick’I am beautiful howeverAlthough it took me awhile To realize it isn’t my sizeIt’s my vibrant smileMy backside isn’t smallAnd I’m bowlegged as everWhen my mother had meShe was too damn cleverThickness is where its atAnd so is c

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