Tequila's Poems

Tired az Hell

Black Poem | Teen Poem : Im tired az hell/2day im not feelin very well/my eyes are all droopy like dat dog snoopy/im in dis stupid azz class listenen to dis stupid azz man go on and on bout nuthin/im bout to bust like a fat mans button/erry time i come in here im sleepy/now wat dat tell u bout dis man who supposedly teachin

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~?~I Think I Like You~?~

Freaky Poem | Funny Poem : Wen i c u my knees get weak/i cant even speak/i keep tellin myself im gonna say sumthin/but wen i c u there comes out nuthin/so i guess i must not like u dat bad

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~*I am Searching......But Will I Ever Find?*~

Freaky Poem | Inspirational Poem : I am searching but will i ever find/that one thing that has been on my mind since i could remember i have been looking and searching for that one thing that could be mine/i’ve seen other people who have had what i have wanted/showing it off in their talk and walk/oh i am searching but will i ever fi

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Freaky Poem | Love Poem : When i fisrt saw U i was amazed/how U walk talk and have that certain gaze/those eyes/ o yes those eyes a sweet warming brown hazel that i cannot label/ur deep soothing voice that keeps me stable/that glance that stare that makes my heart jump everywhere/ur powerful stride that shows off ur pride/th

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Freaky Poem | Love Poem : You say you love me, need me, cant live without me/but you hurt me, scar me, bruise me, take control of me/do you hear my plea?/your words are like daggers slowly killing my dignity/and you have the decency to say you love me?/FALSE LOVE/that is what this is/your words echoing in my head like that o

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Poerty Is.....

Freaky Poem | Black Poem : Poetry is an expression of ones feelings/helps them through the healing, peeling, releasing of ones o so deep wounds/that you know will not get better soon/that middle of the night calling when you feel your view of reality is falling and your pain is calling poetry is the key that unlocks your trap

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