Tallan J's Poems

Quote Dis

Black Poem | Life Poem : Up before the sun comes up, Mind Right Look Right, just need my P's Right. I'm on that 4 in the morning sh*t. No jokes No games ON DIS TING FOR REAL, No lie told and you can Quote DIS coz I'm going to be paid in full one day, The English Gangster, have to make a movie about me like Frank but that ab

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I Wish I Wish

Black Poem | Love Poem : I wish I wish I wish i could just sleep in the same bed with you but not only have sex, I wish i could just kiss & Hug her, I wish i could go to work knowing your my Queen I wish we could see life unfold as one, I wish every time we caught eyes you see the love in mine. I wish i can make you fill up

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My Queen

Black Poem | Love Poem : I really really really love this girl sorry lady but i got more respect for her so i call her, my Queen in my heart & head. i really really love my Queen but i can't say i love you yet! And the pain of this brings a tear too my eyes full of love but i don't cry Why because I BELIVIE IN HOPE. li

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