Taira's Black Poems


Black Poem | Love Poem : Why do men say I LOVE YOU like its nothing? like its just something that you use you know you like when you wake up and put on shoes or the wrong cologne that they use.I LOVE YOU would never make you feel all alone or break up a happy home, but still they use it anyway that they please making I LOVE

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Black Poem | Love Poem : See I want someone that when i feel like i don’t care about my hair when we go out and people stare he walks proudly and doesn’t care cause what he sees it never changes with the trends my baby still only looks withinand sees the soulhe knows the beauty is in the eye that beholds he takes hold of me

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Black Poem | Gangsta Poem : I’ve been in love with a thug. yes i’ve been there before. he was in love with me, but his career was not to sure. When it came to being down for me yes it’s true he had my back, but i always had to worry about where he kept his stack. Love making was on point, yes lady’s he was good in bed, but all

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Black Poem | Love Poem : I never thought he’d do it, about to lose my mind I thought it’d last forever and stand the test of time. I never thought i’d happen this can not be true. I have to discard all the love I have for you. I guess everything happens for a reason and time brings on a change. I know memories last forever.

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Black Poem | Love Poem : My head is about to burst..i’m about to lose my mind.I’m just wondering. Are you really worth my time? Is this really meant to be? Will this last a life time? am i destin to grow old with you? and bare you child?The time we spend together I cherish it each day, but i can’t help but wonder. will

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