Synteri J's Poems

the person i see

General Poem | Spoken Word Poem : When i look in the mirror theres this person i hate to seeI don’t want to see the person that’s lookin back at meshe loves to lovewhile i hate to lovea question unanswered is what is thought ofshe is the person that i want to bebut seems i can only be meher soul and spirits are freewhile mine are ca

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General Poem | Sensual Poem : Deep strokin is wat you doinmy tension and controll im bout to lose itmakin my body wet you know what you doin

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still muh baby

General Poem | Love Poem : no matter what you do you still muh babywith or without yo new gurl im still ya ladywhen ya name is mention ya gurl go crazyand it seems i been thinking about you alot latelyno matter what you do you still muh baby.i think about the time back when me and you were datingbut now all i can do is remini

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