Sweets05's Poems


Black Poem | Making Love Poem :  As i think of you my body begans to shake and my women hood begans to ache.. moisture slips down in between my thighs. long, hard..slow and rough..I cant seem to get enough..nights long but my mind still wonders.  my hands began to explore soft silky flesh ..  i imagin it being your

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Black Poem | I Miss You Poem : every single waking moment  i find my mind soaring ..dreams of you seem so close to reality..the mentioning of your name brings memories that only you and i share..remembering how you use to hold me close as if nothing or no one mattered...i was that chick.. your numero uno..not a single soul c

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Black Poem | Love Poem : LOVE<3 love the things that encourage and discourage you..because without those things you would not be who you have grown to be..love those who at times believe they don't love you..because without them your heart would not be strong enough to endure and conquer the pain that loving a certain i

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Black Poem | Mothers Love Poem : I am your ears yours eyes your voice ....I hear what you cant..See all thats impossible ,and speak in the most courageous tone heard from millions of miles away..For you there is no obstacle to hard to conquer..No mountain to high to  climb..You are the beginning and the end of life..Without yo

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Black Poem | Love Poem : incredible thats what you are..a beautiful dream that came from afar ....incredible is what i feel with you..not a moment lost not even a second or two.. time is no obstacle ..with you forever  is here ..no worries or crying is anywhere near..incredible darling what more can i say..its been thi

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