Suchaprettymess's Poems

My Substance

Black Poem | Marriage Poem : if i'm asleep Beside you Deceit lies beneath Covers disguise my grief As my dreams collide with reality Deceit...a familar began Close I called you friend Smiles show how it all b

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The Dying Side

Black Poem | Reflection Poem : I saw an angel today with her head held high and her wings spread wide. She gave me the motivation to let the anger inside, slowly subside. As i convinced my third eye, that we could survive,  W

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Better if the Conscious Hurts

Black Poem | Bitch Poem : Better If The Conscious Hurts Than for me to commit to the mental work Of being your co-dependent While your ass is acting ignorant Trying to possess an act of innocence  Al

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Black Poem | Reflection Poem : Today I died a little more than yesterday, My soul evolved as my spirit revolved Amongst the disappointments that smothered my optimism. Chaos ciphered my last breaths of hope, As my faith

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