Steelo9's Poems

9 months

Black Poem | Anniversary Poem : it just started out as me looking for a friend... browsing the web... looking at abac students... i happened to run across this attractive girl... not that it mattered because i was taken at t

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tell me

Black Poem | Love Poem : tell me that you love me and how much you care tell me you'll never leave and always be there tell me my heart is safe with you and in this world theres nothing you wont do tell me how far we

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Black Poem | Sad Poem : as i look you in the eyes and pull your hair back... i sense trouble... i sense that something is hurting you... my intuition knows there's something wrong but i ask you regardless... "wh

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me and you

Black Poem | Love Poem : us.... we can change the world bae... we have the power... we have the strength... we have the will... the people who doubt us,,, tell them to fall back... as we raise forward... and

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