Southernboi's Black Poems

Da Hood Blues

Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : there’s this place in my mind, that i cant seem to stop vistinA place that i spend most of the time lingerin and wonderinga place that wants me to move on, oout of this mess of a place im in.  This place is called ’da hood’no sign of a suburb/sedity lifestyleif you bring something new, its yours no

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I kno you seen her....

Black Poem | Black Poem : I kno you seen her...walking sweet, as her two thighs rubbed each one the sameher eyes made of a loose star’s dustlike a full moons reflection on the sea,with her head full or wool roses,she kno i got it bad, and you do too... I kno you see herdancing with that lolipop in her mouthshe smells like a

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