Smoothbrotha85's Poems

Filling you up

Freaky Poem | Funny Poem : You asked for a refill, now im giving you more9 inches in side, and there’s still room for moreIm pumpin you hard, slow at first then speed it upmaking sure I top you off so that you surely get enoughYou put yo mouth on it and engulf all the gloryYour cup runneth over and you know not to worryI pump

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Searching for da words....

Freaky Poem | Life Poem : I pick up this pen and I began to writeBut the words dont make sense, just wont come out rightI have some emotions, but they wont come out clearI cant feel the pain, just agitation and fearFear that I cant express to you how I feelIf I cant, how will you ever know the true dealAgitation because just

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