Smileatme77's Poems

Dear God

Neoblack Poem | Spiritual Poem : Dear God, I must now make my confession, As I sit here slowly sliding into depression. My heart is heavy with sadness and pain, and tears fill my eyes as I walk down memory lane. All my life, I’ve been picked on and hurt, People putting me down, and treating me no better than dirt. Where was the com

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Back @ Square ONE

Neoblack Poem | Sad Poem : When I cry, I cry tears of pain, knowing that after this, my situation will stay the same. There’s a scar on my mind, the effect of painful memories, the same scar that will one day be the death of me...or so it seems. Cold air, seeping like nerve gas through my pores, I warm myself with my hands, l

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Dreaming of Him

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : I dont know you yet,but I constantly dream of you, I have dreams of how I would act,and what I would do if I was with you. Dreams of you and I,together watching life go by, hand in hand,watching our future through my eyes. I have dreams of you,taking me out and showing me a good time, loving me to d

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