Sistagotissues's Black Poems


Black Poem | Sex Poem : Over the head or on the lipBust that bytch for dissin a cripShoot first, questions later9 out of 10, them was some hatersAsk me now and I

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Black Poem | Family Poem : I know we not the flyyest and neither is our wealthThe times when we had no food we had to vouch for ourselvesOnly enough money to pay rent and other billsDidn

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Black Poem | Ghetto Poem : nigga u kno i love ui don’t kno y u say i don’ti place no one above unot even ma fam i won’tu kno u come firstu my one an onlyi got heaven on earthcause u ma closest homiewen i’m around umy heart gets weaki kno i can clown toto hear u laugh an geekbaby am i dreaminor r u really minefa yo body i’m fe

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