Sinsualsista's Poems

Did I Tell You How Beautiful You Are Within

Neoblack Poem | Black Poem : Sweet Georgia Lady of such grace. Did I tell you how beautiful you are within? Your hair as silk as satin let me take this day to tell you how beautiful you are within. I am chocolate, of many flavors and taste, I fly upon the wings of the doves with God’s grace, I am the Universal Queen of today an

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The Black Woman

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : Black queen of beauty,thou hast given color to the world!Among other women thouart royal and the fairest!Like the brightest of jewelsin the regal diadem,Shin’st thou, Goddess of Africa,Nature’s purest emblem!Black men worship at thyvirginal shrine of truest love,Because in thine eyesare virtue’s ste

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Neoblack Poem | Inspirational Poem : ONLY A BLACK WOMANCan take a week of left over scrapsand make a gourmet mealCan cuss a man out, then make love to himthat night and make him feel like a king.Can wear a burgundy french roll, 3 inch heelsand a split up her thigh to work andmake it look professionalONLY A BLACK WOMANCan wear the hell

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I am the Black Queen

Neoblack Poem | Inspirational Poem : I was born with not a silver spoon,but a golden spear in my hand.I was taught to be strong,and not to fear the white man.Stolen from my homeland where the streets were paved with gold,and bought to this country where I was stripped of my soul.Brought here on a slave ship shackled and bound in chains

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How Do You Make Love To A Black Woman?

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : How do you make love to a Black Woman,Romantically and Patiently;Take the time to make love to her mind.Fulfill all of her midnight wishes.Cover her entire body with soft wet kisses.Tell her, so that she will know!There’s no place on her bodyyour tongue won’t go.And, when you love a Black Woman,you

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Never again

Neoblack Poem | Black Poem : The faith and comfort is disappearing one by one and the hurt of the past is the only thing you look to in the further days Now have realized that your hope for the better was only a distraction for what was really just covered by the happiness that you always wanted and the love you never felt you

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