Sincere's Poems

We all cry the same...

Freaky Poem | Spiritual Poem : Have you ever cried until your eyes were left dryOr until you couldn’t steady your breath insideTo the point that it looked as if you were laughingBut inside you were choking and couldn’t stop gaggingDid you think angry ideas with the sight and soundAnd were your jaw bones hurting from biting downWh

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Why I cheat...

Freaky Poem | Sex Poem : I guess being that a true player is never caughtI am nothing of the sortI am sort of nothingSee Kelly, 19, is a beautiful love childWho fail victim of my swag and thug styleMy objective was finally passed - get in this chickMy inner-sense says i took advantage of her innocenceShe’s from the suburbsH

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My Conscious...Outspoken

General Poem | Sex Poem : Ahhh, it’s morning look at the sunshine on the worldWhy did I sleep w/ this bitch,I already got a girlIma tell her get up and get ready to leaveLook at her, she’d be ugly w/out that synthetic weaveThinking about last night though...I pounded that shitIt wasn’t even that good...To think she rounded a

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Woman or a hoe?

Ghetto Poem | Life Poem : Every woman is hoe at one point in their life

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Men vs. Women

Ghetto Poem | Life Poem : Listen to me... Ladies it’s a shame you scream his name when he’s giving you pipeBut ashamed to thank Jesus out loud and he’s given you lifeFellas jeopardize their chances when they’re given a rightStab themselves in their own back when their given a knifeThis girl wondered why I dissed herShe made

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