Shun's Poems

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General Poem | Sensual Poem : I lay here with you wanting, needing you like you need me. touching your body so slowly. tracing your every motion as though it was my own, loving this man, nothing seems to be wrong. show me you as you bare your fruit to my eyes. licking the sweet juices between your thighs. i love the way you conn

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Ghetto Poem | Black Poem : mind open,stimulated by conversation that is so sweet.body, an essence that is so sensual and so bleak. open to what the world has to offer for me,and you send me. your eyes connect with mine, your flesh so tempting, your taste like honey, your ’you’.It’s just all about you

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just thinking

Ghetto Poem | Sensual Poem : Caramel mixed with choclate,combination of getting lost in the other, Intriguing as each other becomes naked to the eye, bodies press against each other, hearts beat at the same pace, heat intensifies, passions flare. What is this feeling? joy,ectascy, sweetest pain liquify like rain.y

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