Sheniece07's Poems

I Feel

Ghetto Poem | Love Poem : To me you are one of a kind.Every day I wish that you were mine. I wouldn’t consider you a dime, because I would consider you as handsome

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My Tears

Ghetto Poem | Love Poem : What my tears hold is your face.It holds the day I met you

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Letting Go

Ghetto Poem | Love Poem : I’m tired of trying. I’m tired of always feeling like i’m crying. It was hard to show you how i feel, but now that your gone it’s harder to let you go. I try to show you my emotions, but to me it’s like you look and say so. My heart says to stay but my dignity says no. Sometimes i tell myself i’m su

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Ghetto Poem | Love Poem : Why is it that the one you love or care deaply about always hurt you the most? Why is it that, that person that i care deaply about doesn’t see that we are the perfect match. How come he cain’t see that i’m so in love with him. How come he always skips ova me and moves on to the next open legs(not t

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Ghetto Poem | Love Poem : The things I do fa love I can’t explain. It’s like when you touch me all my pain fades away. Your pretty soft lips always find there ways to mines. Kissing me one to many times. You lay me down kissing me in all types of places and i’m just laying there making all types of moaning faces. Kissing, to

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