Shawtyluv's Poems

My Hands

Ghetto Poem | Life Poem : When I was born these hands were fists When hurt these hands no on kissedAt age 9 these hands held my best friend while she died.These hands pushed back the tears I wanted to cryAt age 10 these hands held my ’sisters’ coffinThese hands that fought with her, should have held her more oftenAt age 14 t

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He Said

Ghetto Poem | Ghetto Poem : We first met and he said I neva seen a shawty like you He said he wanted to call me his boo. He said he neva had a girl like me A gutta girl you see Helping him fulfill his dream to be the biggest and getting all the cream Packin heat on the side always ready for the ride lay any bitch or nigga out

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