Shauna's Poems

Mista Dee-Jay

General Poem | Ghetto Poem : My feet are stomping the music’s jumpingmy heart is thumpingand I’m thinking...Go Mista Dee-JayWe in here dancin to all this hip-hopand these females hatin on what i gotwhile these males thinking I’m hotand I’m thinking...Go Mista Dee-JayThe Dee-Jay playin my favorite songand I feel like nothing can

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Down with me

General Poem | Ghetto Poem : He be down with me...when everybody else act like they don’t know I be goingthrough some troubling times.He be down with me...when i be stressed and depressed, and don’t knowwhat to do about these problems of mine.He be down with me...when I be on the verdgeof breaking down cause of pain.He be down

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Listen to ya Mama

Ghetto Poem | Black Poem : Mama always did say not to trust everybody. ’shauna,’ she would say, ’be careful who you love, and don’t put your trust in every body who say they’re your friend, this world ain’t what it used to be.’I’d just sit there and say, ’yes,mama,I know.’ But back then I failed to realize that she was trying

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