Shaneece1208's Poems

Is love worth it

Black Poem | Love Poem : Is love worth it? I ask you. You change who you are for that person so they wont loose intrest. But i ask is love worth the change? Is love worth the pain? Is love worth lies and you in pain? Is love worth the stress? Is love worth trying to impress? My love is complicated. I ask my self this questi

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My treasure+

Black Poem | Love Poem : I’ve been wandering around the world for so long on a quest, searching for something I’ve lost. Something precious to me has been stollen. I’ve walked through deserts of life, inmense lakes of lonelyness open seas of coldness, and skies of sadness and melancholy.

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How could I

Neoblack Poem | Teen Poem : How could I express how i feel and hurt someone else when I do. How could I put my feelings before everyone else. How could I get upset when everyone wants me to be happy. How could I do what I want and say when everyone dosent even want it that way. Maybe I should do what they say to make everyone

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Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : I sit down and remenise thinking about the time we had together.Thinking of how how our love got this strong.You are my blessing and i shall always cherish you.I would never do anything to hurt you. Jepordize our love i will never do.If i do i must be a damn fool. Because baby you are truely my love

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more than friends

Neoblack Poem | Friendship Poem : Me and you been friends for a long time. How we got this far i dont know why. We took a chance to be more that friends. We thought to ourselves will ever be the same again. I lay down thinking am i making a mistake but i say his my friend everything is going to be ok. When it was done i went home di

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