Shamia33's Poems

finding myself

Black Poem | Courage Poem : it's a shame when the words wont flow out right...and yet you call yourself a poet....and you know you know it how do you explain when you realize you dont love 'em anymore..when yal's future had so much in store... why worry about the things that keep you crying at nite....if it aint changed by now

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love loves me too......

Black Poem | Love Poem : you make me smile at times i want to cryyou hug me for no reasonand i dont know comfort me when neededand you also give me my spacewithout any questions being askedyou mended this broken heart back into give me the lovethat my heart cries forevery day you love me more and mo

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Freaky Poem | Sad Poem : they told me to rush to the hospital because your life was coming to an endi knew that i wasnt just loosing my grandma’i was loosing my friend...what am i going to do nowwhose gonna talk to me when i am downwho is gonna tell me old storiesabout blacks escaping out of townwho is gonna give me advise

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is this about you too

Freaky Poem | Life Poem : i am trying to figure out what is really going onone minute everything seems okaythe next second i dont know where i belongmy world seems so screwed upeven though i am giving it my allsome days i dont care to face the worldi ignore everyone’s phone calls....i am going to school full-timeworking all

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