Shaeluv's Poems


Black Poem | Seductive Poem : I am sitting here....And you way over there You turn your head and glance at me with that sexy devilish stare I say to myself.... Yeah ...Just like that Watching you ,Watching me...You get closer to me, Hands slide down my thighs and tickle my knees You can see I need you, Yeah ...Just like that My

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Black Poem | Love Poem :  How he makes me Feel                  He makes my heart smile                He makes my skin glow                He makes my knees weak                And I wonder if he knows         For every word he speaks just makes me draw in nearIn him i see a future and his essence makes it clear I want to

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The taste of Inspiration

Black Poem | Naughty Poem : I'm close to you although your far away forever feels like it's you...It's where I wanna stay you make me feel like i can be more,do more so I feel I am your destiny And even from miles away you tamed the beast that lies inside of me And baby the way you gently whisper in my ear the things you wanna

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