Shadowspeaks's Black Poems

Thug Luvin

Black Poem | Lovehonesty Poem : So many of us proclaim to wanna be loved by a thug Where instead of a hug we get mugged in our heads by the man wearing the sagging pants, timbo boots, big chains and diamomd rangs. We Hold them down as they wonder the street making that money.... While we lay at home playing another wom

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A Strippers Life

Black Poem | Sinful Poem : Everyday i Wake up wanting to give up. This world is so cold that im ready fa Jesus to come on. Lord forgive me for all my sins . But that seems to be the only way i fit in. Men wanna climb in after empty promises but the Hell wit that.... Nigga Where the check ?cause one thing i learned is nighas w

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Black Poem | Cries In The Dark Poem : Saw You walk out the door and smile over yo shoulder not knowing that Heaven was longing for your presence Reminesce on all the laughs we shared and thinking this shit aint fair. My heart bleeds from all the dispair. Hear pain in ya mama's voice when we speak sometimes it feels like i cant breat

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Black Poem | Lost Love Poem : Look in the clouds tryna catch a glimpse of You somehow...hopeing and praying that your watchin over me...feelings i cant explain crowd in my chest and the more i try to fight em it just gets i sit and wait for calm to open Its ARM and save me from the thing ive become...lost in my thou

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Introduction (debut)

Black Poem | Life Poem : *I'm one of those people Who can't do without family...their the strength in me and when times get hard its to Him I turn ....wats the point of chasing after empty dreams if You're gonna lose everything...Nothing is never what it while my heart daydreams of escaping this Hell

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