Shadowjack46's Poems


General Poem | Love Poem : Rain... The rain falls like liquid sunshineAnd streams down, upon the roof,The shine and shimmering wetness Offering, abundant proof, Proof that the rain has been thereAnd done, its’ special job,Proof that the skies have released their pleasureIn this moist and living sob, A sob of joy, I believeFo

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I Want To Breathe...

General Poem | Love Poem : I Want To Breathe… I want to breathe the fragranceOf your soft and lovely skin,I want to breathe your fragranceI want to drink it in, I want to breathe, the passion and the beautyOf your presence next to me,And bath myself in the sweetnessOf a love, I want the world to see, Time is of the essenceEa

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How Do I Love Thee.....

General Poem | Love Poem : How Do I Love Thee…How do I love theeLet me count the ways..For it will take me hoursAnd it will take me days.. To tell you of my love for youThat has grown in a short while,To tell you of a love that treasuresYour sweet seductive style, How do I love theeLet me count the ways,For it will take me ho

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The First Time...

Ghetto Poem | Love Poem : The first time I saw your faceI told my eyes they lied...Would God touch the earth with such beautyThat stars would run and hide?The first time I kissed your lipsMy tears flowed down in streams,I trembled with the revelationThat I had kissed a living dream, The first time that I made love to youI co

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