Sexymami's Poems

I wise I knew

Black Poem | Broken Heart Poem : I wise I knew what has become of the two of us we use two talk,but now I can't speak no more I'm told that I speak way too loud nothing that I ever have come out right to you   I wise I knew  what has become of the two of us we use to have fun but now we can't standto be around one another all we ev

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Nasty Girl

Black Poem | Freaky Poem : Got nasty thoughts on my mind me sitting on it while I slow grind wanting you to find my G-spot my juices come down so slow and hot.   Wanting to be ???ed baby we can make love another time Put me on my knees and ??? me from behind I know you love it when I get real nasty your wish is my command so

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my first taste of you

Black Poem | Freaky Poem : Last night i taste you, how delicous it was. it was alot better than what i thought of. yo head kinda taste like a chocolate lolipop. boi suckin you made my pussy wet and hot. as i lick you up and down 2 the very last drop.   everytime your head slice between these sexy lips. i'd think to myself dam

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