Sex69lyrics's Black Poems

Love's Suicide

Black Poem | Ghetto Love Poem : Your just like the man I've always wantedYou (physically) do me right But, mentally we tend to fight because in your mind WEIR  alright and I agree just to stop each feud when really I want all of you to love me Not just a little laughter,huggs and kisses Nightly sex to put me at submissionI wa

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His Innocents

Black Poem | Ghetto Love Poem : You held me close Kissed me slowly and said , "You'll always be my baby"While I fought myself from pushing out tears I knew what that meant (soft laughter) "Friends!"For a second my heart was shattered Gazing at the ceiling , eyes clouded Until....I remembered why I loved you !As you pushed yourself

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Black Poem | Crazy Poem : I sit waiting for you to show upwhile the ashes fall to the floor , from my unflicked cigarette A bad habbit it is but so are you "My Love " , i hear you speaking clearly in my ear as i sit and continplate on my next move it tkThinking about nothing but the ashes on the floor and the cigarette

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Im This Skin

Black Poem | Sick Poem : Im so uncomfortable in this skin Oh how i hate the skin im in .......!I feel ashamed around you when you want to touch the skin im in Sexy, you say, is how i should feel when the only thing i wear is the skin im in But , all i feel is shy and disapproved When the skin im in hardly soothed !LOVE ME !

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