Savemeplz's Black Poems

fake ass nigga's

Black Poem | Playa Poem : you  fuc* me for fun now you laugh and i'm stuck in done you  fuc*ing fake bitch you ate it now you dis you, you pussy lip bitch yes i deep throat ya dick now realizing you ain't shyt. eye candy candy eye realizing you just a dime i'm better then that i have a dream not a sceam bitch ass nigga, ni

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now that's the shit

Black Poem | Naughty Poem : loving every thing i see, making me want you deeply, finding understand of love, making me think more of trust  holding every peace  of you making me think more of you feeling every inch of you making me get weter too! feeling the cum drip off my thounge. putting you inside my pussy don't you like t

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