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Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : sitting back,  I reminisememories from the pasthe’s the one i’ll always misstime is passing so faststarting off was beautiful ending it hurt my heartit’s a shocker and it’s sad to see us growing aparthow do you try to forgetsomeone who impacted you sogave you more passion for lifesomeone who help yo

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love in a perfect world.

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : I imaginein a perfect worldthat’s where I’d find youI can only imagineit probably won’t come true....BUTa girl can dreamhell it seems it only happens in the filmswhere the girl finds the crim dela crimthey could bewalking down the streeta bump introduces the heatand LOVE pursues!Never to happen in r

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for you I wont

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : fora secondalmost a momentthis is what it   was tohave him in the safety of my arms, to kiss the lips i yearnedand missed. to tell him my thoughts thatmy heart made me say. To savor the single tearwhose taste was too familiar. but it was onlya moment. I knew and realized my lovebut with a cautious v

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