Royaltyrespected's Poems

More Than Lonely

Black Poem | Black Poem : Never had one to say i love you Never had one to give kisses to Never had one to hold Never had one thats  bold Im gettin more than lonely now My tears are not caught, so they fall to the ground But still i continue my search Sometimes i want to stop cause all there is, is hurt Todays re

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Real Talk

Black Poem | Courage Poem : Keep the ones you love close Keep your enemies closer I dont care what age they are Young middle age or older Make your haters your motivators No need to be mad just says a prayer People leave this world everyday but still you got to move on If you cant express your feelings by word Just write in

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Black Poem | Flirt Poem : you say that you love me But to you I am still a mystery You say that you want me Mentally and physically Yes you only know me through the wire My voice and what I say to you is what you desire Now to you I cannot say the same This voice that I hear I cannot claim I say to myself that this cannot

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Torn Pictures

Black Poem | Broken Heart Poem : Torn pictures of life Yeah Im talking about me Torn pictures of love The way I thought it should be Torn pictures of life So sacred and new Torn pictures of life So cold dead and blue Torn pictures of life Has its beginning and its end Torn pictures of life The chance to be my lover worse enem

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